• Employee Assistance Programs

    EAP for Small Employer Groups and Municipalities

    An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a worksite-based program designed to assist employees and their families in ameliorating a variety of difficulties before they begin to affect work performance. Personal problems include, but are not limited to health, marital, alcohol, substance abuse, legal, career, emotional, stress or financial concerns.

    Eventually, if left untreated these problems may adversely impact an employee’s productivity or ability to function on the job. These difficulties may also lead to increased absenteeism, theft, worker’s compensation claims, medical leaves and an increase in the usage of medical and/or mental health benefits.

    Core Technology Services

    • Manager Consultations
    • Critical Incident Stress
    • Clinical Services
    • Employer Policy Review
    • Management Development
    • Executive Coaching

    Seaside Serenity Counseling, LLC provides quality consultative and EAP services for organizations to help retain and empower valued employees, promote a healthy work environment, and maximize workplace productivity.

    We have worked with thousands of clients throughout South Jersey and have been able to develop unique and customized programs. We pride ourselves on being innovative and flexible; allowing your culture and organizational needs to form the program you desire.

    Supervisor Links

    Supervisor Training: EAP Vital Skills Course

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